Welcome to Repower™
Mornington Peninsula


Your Community Decarbonisation Network

eMPower has been renamed to Repower Mornington Peninsula to better represent the action we all need to take to decarbonise our community. We hope you like it!

Zero Carbon Energy – that’s our goal!

Switching from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy is not only urgent but also an opportunity for us all – financial savings, boosting our local economy, improving our wellbeing and protecting the climate for the next generation.

We’re locals. We’ve got the data. We’ve done the research. And we’ve created simple action steps for you to cut energy costs and emissions.

Be part of the greatest transition of our lifetime – together we can really do this!

My Town

How is your town doing? Understand your emissions and what it will take to reach the 2030 target

Personal Actions

Not sure where to start? We’ve made it simple with steps to decarbonise your energy use at  home and work.

Switch to Renewable Energy

The easiest and most effective first step to take is to switch your electricity provider to one that only provides 100% renewable energy, decarbonising your energy use in an instant.

Community Projects

See the inspiring local programmes and projects live or in development.

Get Involved

Become a community member, make a donation, share your story or simply stay in the loop!

What's the Problem?

We’ve distilled down the facts to define the climate problem, the solution and the opportunity before us.