Supporting you to repower with 100% renewable energy

Supporting you to repower with 100% renewable energy

The Wires that Bind

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Sustainable House Day 2024

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Solar for Peninsula Apartment Buildings

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  April 8, 2024

We are a passionate group of local volunteers supporting you to reduce emissions by repowering with 100% renewable energy.

We are a community-led movement dedicated to solving the human induced global warming climate crisis one postcode at a time.

The journey to decarbonisation begins with a single step. Human induced climate change has reached a crisis point. But we can slow down the damage if we act now and ‘do our bit’. Every postcode, every single one of us.

We’ve repowered our lives and are here to help you do the same.

Take the Next Step

Not sure where to start? We’ve made it simple with a series of steps to decarbonise your energy use at home and work.

My Town

How is your town doing? Understand your postcode’s emissions and what it will take to reach the 2030 target

Your REPOWER stories

Read about Peninsula residents who have or are on the journey to electrifying their home or business. Please help us encourage others to join us by sharing your stories here.

Switch to Renewable Energy

The easiest and most effective first step to take is to switch your electricity provider to one that only provides 100% renewable energy, decarbonising your energy use in an instant.

Get Involved

Become a community member, make a donation, share your story or simply stay in the loop!

What's the Problem?

We’ve distilled down the facts to define the climate problem, the solution and the opportunity before us.