Community Projects

What’s Happening?

As well as taking ‘personal actions’ to decarbonise we also need to take ‘collective action’ through projects or programs that benefit whole parts of our community all at once. These community projects will accelerate our renewable energy take up, the electrification of our everyday lives and the decarbonisation of the Mornington Peninsula.

We are actively supporting or developing the following projects and will communicate more as soon as each new project is ready for launch to the community. If you are interested in leading, supporting, funding or investing into the development of any of these important projects please contact us.

Farm Shed Solar Install, Shoreham

1. Recommended Supplier Program – Solar & Appliances

We are working towards a recommended  local supplier & trades program which will help households and business to make simple purchase decisions and save money as they add solar, electrify and upgrade their buildings to reduce emissions.The best way to help us with this is to send us your story and picture of an action step you’ve taken and the recommended supplier you used.

2. Community Batteries

The Flinders Satellite Group (FZCC) are currently working with Yarra Energy Foundation on a feasibility study for a community battery in Flinders as a test case model for further scaling across the Peninsula.

3. Community Renewable Energy Sharing

We are actively researching how to create a virtual energy network to help local residents and businesses share their self-generated renewable energy for increased local use, access and cost savings.

4. Community Renewable Energy Revolving Credit Fund

Helping residents, business owners and non-profit organisations to access low interest credit to install rooftop solar and/or batteries.

5. Joint Venture Community-Council Solar Project 

Enabling local community investment into a solar project on council property/land.

6. Community Solar Garden 

Enabling those who are unable to have solar installed to have access to solar energy generated locally and benefit from cost savings.

7. Commercial Size Solar installations 

We are currently working with a number of landowners and large business stakeholders to create medium to large size solar installations.