Friday 17th February

Press Release:

“Repower partners with Diamond Energy to give fossil fuels the flick!

Repower Mornington Peninsula is a local volunteer-led community decarbonisation network, focused on reducing energy-related carbon emissions through mass electrification and the use of renewably generated electricity.
Their model empowers postcode communities to take ownership of, and action towards, their local energy-related carbon emissions, aiming to reduce them 70% by 2030 against a 2018 baseline.
Repower provides prioritised actions that local residents and businesses can take and partners with the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council and community recommended local suppliers/installers to promote related services that aid electrification and decarbonisation.
Today, Repower announces its formal partnership with Diamond Energy – the only 5-star green electricity retailer in Australia’s Green Electricity Guide. Diamond Energy own and operate local renewable energy generators in Victoria and across Australia, and ensure they source more electricity from these renewable sources than their customers consume.
Jim Goddard, co-founder and president of Repower said “We’re excited to be able to offer households and businesses the opportunity to ‘give fossil fuels the flick’ through our partnership with Diamond Energy. Switching electricity provider to one that supports renewable energy is the easiest change we can all make to reduce our emissions. And it doesn’t cost you any more!”
Diamond Energy’s offers are very competitive for residential and small business customers with discounts and feed in rates that deliver lower costs than the government regulated reference price.
Mark Bertoncello, Managing Director at Diamond Energy, said “We’re closely aligned with Repower’s mission in helping local households and businesses support renewable energy. It’s why we own and source only renewable energy from solar, biogas and wind generators, and why we don’t retail gas. It’s great to be partnering with such a passionate community group who are so invested in both long-term planetary sustainability as well as local community success through this transition.”
A founding principle of Repower is to support and promote recommended local Australian-owned businesses. “It not only builds local social capital and ensures accountable ongoing service, it also means we’re investing into the future prosperity of our community”, said Jim Goddard.
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