Dietmar’s Story

In March 2021 we installed a new 10.73 kW solar PV system on the roof of our house. The total system cost was $10,445 without rebate. After installation, we decided to switch to only electric heating in our house.

Our main motivation was switching to clean energy to reduce our emissions followed by the financial savings. Our house has a pool and a spa, both of which use a large amount of electricity.

Since making the change we feel a lot better about our energy usage and environmental footprint. We also feel less guilty about running the air conditioning in the summer, when the hot sun now produces a lot of extra renewable electricity.

Over the first 12-month period, our electricity bill was $2,454 lower than the previous 12 months. In addition, our gas bill was $446 lower. So, in the first 12 months the overall energy cost savings have been $2,900, outperforming what we had expected. We also saved an estimated 20 tons of CO2 emissions. The only regret that I have is not installing the system sooner!

We recently ordered an electric vehicle (MG ZS EV) going for the lowest cost option. My drive to work is 50 km each way and the EV will greatly reduce the overall cost/km and my emissions, especially when we charge it directly from our solar PV system! Exciting times!

For our solar installation we used South Beach Solar and would definitely recommend them.

Dietmar – Mount Martha