Henk, Kathleen and Paul’s Story

Over the past 12 months we first installed a 7.885 kW solar power system (19 Trina Vertex S panels) with a Fronius GEN24 Plus 6kW 3 Phase Hybrid inverter. Our gas water heater was then replaced with a Reclaim 315 l Heat Pump, We then installed a BYD Battery Box Premium HVM 11kW. Finally, we replaced our old Ford Focus with an MG ZS EV MCE Excite SUV from Mornington MG.

We were motivated to make the change because we were concerned about energy, pollution and the growing climate concerns, as well as ongoing running costs especially with gas and fuel. It’s working like a charm. On sunny days the battery is fully charged while overnight the EV car is charged from the battery.

We are almost emission free and expect our bills to be close to zero except during the winter, with the small feedback tariff mostly covering the supply charge. We found after the solar panels were installed and before the battery most of the energy was going into the grid in the sunnier months.

We still had a gas central heating system that has not been used since we added the above upgrades. We already had a reverse cycle air conditioner installed (which is working well using the new solar/battery system). We have also installed another one at the other end of the house, and these now provide sufficient warmth for the whole house. Recently we replaced our gas cooker which was our last gas appliance with an induction stove. The gas supply has now been disconnected.

We used RACV Solar for the panels and heat pump. Dunton Group for the battery box.
The RACV was fine. We had a few delays with Dunton Group due to staff illness, but otherwise OK.

Henk, Kathleen and Paul – Mount Martha