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It’s time to Get Off The Gas

Australian homes must be at the centre of the energy transition. Renew’s Getting Off Gas Toolkit provides practical independent resources for households on replacing gas with efficient electric appliances powered by renewables.

How a Scorecard assessment can help you

The Residential Efficiency Scorecard rates your home’s energy use and comfort, and provides tailored recommendations for improvements.

Getting a Scorecard home energy rating from a government-accredited assessor will help you make the best choices by providing targeted information to assist you in achieving your goals whether that’s reducing your energy bills, going all-electric, or living in a more comfortable home.

Increase your home comfort, reduce your bills and help the climate

Increase comfort in your home or office, reduce your bills and help the climate. Explore our energy tips to help you find ways to save energy. Many of our tips are DIY tips that you can easily implement yourself, and lots of tips are not only applicable for home owners, but for renters as well.

My Efficient Electric Home

Switching off fossil fuels!

This is a facebook group dedicated to electrifying your home.

Australian Government – Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water

How Data science can help fight climate change

Data science is a powerful tool in the fight against global warming. It uses different methods, such as machine learning (where computers learn from data) and data visualisation (turning data into pictures), to analyse the details and understand the most challenging components of climate change. 

This U.S. based site presents data analysed by scientists as info graphics and TED talks. Also includes indepth papers. Find out more at