The sausages were sizzling, the flags were waving, the sunlight was rippling off the bay. It was another perfect day for a great Dromana Australia Day Festival on the Dromana Foreshore. There were adventures and activities for the young, and young at heart. The older members could enjoy the thrills of yesteryear with displays of restored cars and hot rods!

Hold on, that’s not right, no restored cars or hot rods! Actually, we were treated to a display of new electric cars, and an electric van! This was the first “Silent rEVolution” – a display of electric vehicles. Repower Mornington Peninsula were invited to participate by the organiser, Jordie Fitzgerald. (Jordie and Michael in Repower Mornington Peninsula marquee photo above)

The event was supported by Mercedes-Benz Mornington, the Porsche Centre Brighton, the Mornington Peninsula Shire, and the Good Car Company. There were EV’s from Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Tesla, Nissan and Renault.

EV’s on display

We got a lot of questions from the public about all things EV; purchase and operating costs, battery life, charging infrastructure, range, using your car to power your home, and many, many others. In addition to helping with these questions, Michael and Sharon, who represented Repower Mornington Peninsula, were able to spread our message about electrification as a route to carbon reduction, and invited people to join us. The traffic numbers were very strong throughout the day, and started waning after 1:00 pm, when some of the cars left.

We all agreed it was a very successful display, the public was very interested and learned a lot about owning an EV. It also gave Repower a great environment to discuss carbon reduction efforts more generally. We congratulate Jordie for a very successful event, and look forward to participating again next year.