Repower Postcodes 3926 & 7 is off and running

Repower held a community event on Sunday 19 February 2023 at the Balnarring Community Hall to launch a local satellite group for Balnarring, Balnarring Beach, Merricks North, Merricks Beach and Somers. The event was a great success with over 60 local residents attending to engage on positive contributions we can make as individuals and as a community to transition to 100% renewable energy.

How did we get here?

The event was primarily organised by the satellite group for postcodes 3926 & 7. Warwick Beard first brought this group together in late October 2022 at the Red Hill Baker in Balnarring. The five of us in attendance have been involved as a committee since then: James Everett, Andrew Dowey, Andrew Lyncoln, Roger Richards and Robert Babb. We have been lucky that everyone on the committee is passionate about decarbonsation and has skill or experience that has added value to the group – for example, through technical knowledge, diverse community networks, graphic design or governance. We have met regularly since that initial meeting to check in on progress against our individual and group commitments.

What involvement did the core group have?

The beauty of the Repower model is that local empowerment is supported by the skills, experience and information from the core group. Warwick has been an immense help to the satellite group from that first meeting right up to today, setting us up with resources, ideas and contacts while also letting us find our own path.

Beyond Warwick, everyone in the core group who we have met have been extremely supportive of our launch and it has been particularly helpful to have regular all-in meetings of the Core and Satellite Groups to share opportunities and challenges.