Nine tenants of Shire buildings are starting the year off powered by the sun with brand new solar panels! 🌞
Eligible tenants of Shire-owned buildings were allowed to opt-in to the program. The program seeks tenant repayments for the Shire-funded system based on a portion of their energy bill savings. 💰
Tenants save more each year than they pay back, resulting in net savings from day one. Once the system cost is recovered, interest-free repayments will end, and the tenant will get 100% of the financial benefit from the solar. 🙌
The participants, including sailing clubs, kindergartens, bowls clubs and retailers, will enjoy estimated bill reductions of approximately $30,000 per year! Of course, the environmental benefits are well-known, too, reducing carbon emissions by 172 tonnes annually. 💪
If you tenant a Shire-owned building and are interested in participating, please email