Recently a group of 12 people were treated to a guided tour of John and Julie’s house and garden in Red Hill. John gave a highly informative presentation, explaining the journey they
took to complete this amazing home. Extremely hands on work! Mud brick rendered straw bale walls, curved shaped walls, high ceilings, window orientation and solar energy are a
few of the features that help lower the carbon footprint. As there is no mains water in Red Hill, the home also has a worm farm waste system which makes use of organic matter and
household waste water (both grey and black) which passes through it. The garden also boasts clever construction of wicking beds, using cement render and chicken wire. The
chook house is a stand out feature. Many thanks to John and Julie for their inspiration and for opening their home for us to see.

If you would like more information about their house, please visit the Sustainable House Day website and search for “JnJ’s”.

Pattie Commerford
Red Hill Repower