Solar my Home/Business

Partner Program

Solar is a great investment, Repower have developed this partner program with benefits:

  • Solar can achieve a payback as short as three years
  • Free electricity after payback
  • Support for local businesses
  • These businesses in turn support Repower’s Community Solar Trust Fund

The businesses below provide design and installation services for solar, battery and related installations. Repower is working with them to achieve our common goals of quality solar installations.

There are many benefits to working with a local installer:
  • They have a good understanding of local rules and regulations.
  • They can easily factor in a site visit so your needs are truly met and ongoing support can be provided.
  • By supporting local businesses to thrive, we’re helping to create more prosperous communities.
  • All of our listed local installers have agreed to Repower’s ‘local community pledge’:

For every kW of solar installed by one of our solar partners through a Repower referral $50 will be donated to Repower’s Community Solar Trust Fund. These funds will then be aggregated and used to purchase and install solar systems for local community not-for-profit organisations on the Peninsula! (See further details).

Dunton Group Solar and Electrical, Dromana

Mornington Peninsula’s Solar Specialists. Dunton can retro-fit a high quality solar solution to an existing house, commercial building or rural building. Dunton Group Electrical Services can work with your architect or builder to design and supply a solar system into your new construction or renovation.

Residential solar, Commercial solar, Solar batteries, Heat Pumps (HWS) and Electric vehicle charging.

Case Study: Uncommon Folk Farm, Main Ridge 
We’ve taken a major step to The Farm being 100% powered by renewable energy with the first set of 20 solar panels installed on our operations shed at 580 Main Creek Road. 

This first install will reduce our carbon emissions by 26 tonnes annually, and deliver an expected payback in four years. It will generate just under 25,000 kWH annually to power some of the key operations at The Farm. When we complete all of our solar panel installations, our carbon emissions will be reduced by 177 tonnes annually – the equivalent of taking 34 cars off the road for a year.

A powerful shout out to the great people at Mornington Peninsula Shire and the Dunton Group for making this happen. Thank you to The Shire for putting their words into actions through initiatives such as the Climate Action Grant which helped make this install possible. And the Dunton Group for their expertise, professionalism and support in setting us up for our solar panel journey. We’d recommend their service to anyone! 

Thompson Solar Solutions, Mornington

Welcome to Thompson Solar Solutions, we are a Mornington Peninsula based electrical business focused on sustainable energy solutions and making a difference in our local community. I am Alex Thompson, the Director of Thompson Solar Solutions, and we take pride in being your trusted partner for solar, battery, off-grid and all your renewable energy needs.

Our Commitment:

At Thompson Solar Solutions, we specialise in providing cutting-edge solar solutions for both residential and commercial clients. Our focus extends beyond just installation; we prioritize customer service and thrive on word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied clients. We are one of very few businesses that can design, supply, and install your solar system, ensuring we offer a cohesive and smooth process, from start-to-finish.

Customer Feedback/Case Study – Laceys.TV (Seaford) – Solar Install (Feb 2023):

Laceys.TV, a valued client, opted for a 39kW solar system with Thompson Solar Solutions in February 2023. The decision to upgrade from a 25kW system was driven by our collaborative assessment of their energy needs and forward-thinking consideration for potential EV fleet integration.

Client Testimonial:

“” had been assessed for a 25kw Solar system for our needs and after engaging Thompson Solar Solutions (TSS), the decision was made to update to a 39kw system. The installed solar system is overspec but allows for maintaining solar draw during low sun periods. It also has capacity to accommodate the business decision to shift toward an EV fleet. TSS were professional, expedient and thorough. Our solar system has been in operation since Feb 2023 and we reached our second month in credit billing by Dec 2023. We would recommend TSS to prospective commercial as well as residential customers.

Benefits Experienced by Laceys.TV:

• Credit Billing: Achieved two consecutive months in credit billing.

• Capacity for Growth: The overspec 39kW system allows for future expansion and the potential transition to an EV fleet.

• Efficiency: The solar system ensures continuous power even during low sun periods.

At Thompson Solar Solutions, we bring expertise, efficiency, and a customer-centric approach to every project. We look forward to working with you soon.

Want a Sparky, Mornington


We are three related businesses operating from one location. We all have the same goal, and that’s to reduce CO2 emissions and help LGA’s reach their targets.

If you are looking to attack your environmental upgrades one at a time we suggest you reach out to the specific company for your needs. Or if you are looking for a complete package we suggest you speak to All Electric Homes. Our teams have been working with the Mornington Peninsula Shire to help decarbonise their community centres with great success.

Click here to see a video about our services.


Want A Sparky’s primary objective is to provide electrical services that go towards environment upgrades such as Solar, EV chargers, Induction cooktops, IC4 LED lighting and supply upgrades including switchboard replacements to handle the new all electric loads.

Want a Heat Pump, Mornington

Want A Heat Pump’s primary objective is to upgrade existing gas or electric resistive hot water services to new hot water heat pumps. Want A Heat Pump also provides air conditioning upgrades to help abolish old gas heating systems or old inefficient electric systems. Both of these activities attract rebates from both federal & state governments which we pass direct to client at point of sale. Want A Heat Pump is aligned to attract any rebate that is possible, we are an accredited retailer under the Solar Victoria program. Want A Heat Pump employees, electricians, plumbers & refrigeration mechanics in order to complete all works.

Want an All Electric Home, Mornington

All Electric Homes primary objective is to capture the whole electrification journey to an All Electric Home. We will project manage the entire process from start to finish incorporating both Want A Sparky & Want A Heat Pumps teams to provide a total turn key solution. When shifting to an All Electric Home It is very important to capture the whole picture and understand all upgrades from the beginning, as we disconnect gas and add electrical appliances it does increase the power demand on the home. When looking at upgrades in isolation it may end up costing more or there may be hidden costs that you are unaware of.

Repower’s Solar Installer ‘local community pledge’
For every kW of solar installed by one of our solar partners from Repower referrals $50 will be donated to Repower’s Community Solar Trust Fund. These funds will then be aggregated and used to purchase and install solar systems for local community organisations/not-for-profits on the Peninsula!

Determining suitable community organisations:
As funds aggregate and allow, the Repower MP Core Team will request each Postcode Satellite Group in turn to recommend a local community organisation through a vote of their associate members, where the majority vote will determine the not-for-profit for a free solar install. The more Repower referrals to our solar partners the more impact we’ll be able to have in supporting local community organisations!

Community organisation installation process:

  1. The solar installer will be selected in turn alphabetically from the Repower solar partner group. Each partner will complete the install for one not-for-profit, and then we’ll rotate to the next installer for the following one, and so on.
  2. The solar installer will be asked to quote for the labour cost of the install.
  3. We will ask the installers to agree to a standard range of products so every not-for-profit receives a similar quality solar system.
  4. AWM will be chosen as the procurement source for the physical system materials.Repower will place the order for the system materials with AWM and pay them direct.
  5. The installer will pick up the materials and complete the install.
  6. Repower will pay the installer the agreed quote for their labour charge.
  7. We all celebrate and promote the new solar system for the community to enjoy!