Switch to Renewable Energy  

Make the switch to Renewable Energy

The simplest step you can take to decarbonise your electricity.

It only takes a few minutes to give fossil fuels the flick! The impact is forever.

58%* of our local emissions are from electricity – so, we’ve made it easy for you to switch to an energy provider that generates and sources electricity from renewable sources, that doesn’t cost you more.

How do I switch?

Switching to Diamond Energy is simple and only takes a few minutes. They handle everything for you, including contacting your existing retailer. You will not only reduce your emissions but also support the ongoing development of renewable energy generation across VIC.

Why Diamond Energy?

After careful research and fact-checking we’ve selected Diamond Energy as our recommended electricity retailer of choice based on the following:

1. Renewable Energy Credentials

Diamond Energy have been highly rated by Greenpeace since 2009 and share the current number 1 five-star rating on the Green  Electricity Guide

They own and operate local renewable energy generators and support solar, wind, bio energy and wave technologies only.

They have NO interest in coal generation, coal mining or gas (including coal seam gas).

They deliver more electricity sourced from renewable sources to the grid than their customers consume.

They do not need to purchase carbon offsets to be carbon neutral – they go even further.

 2. Affordability 

Diamond Energy’s offers are very competitive for residential and small business customers with set and forget plans that include ongoing discounts.

3. Supporting Your Solar Investment

Diamond Energy top the solar category for electricity offers and feed-in rates to solar customers.

They offer customers a smart meter at no cost** with usage data accessible through their My Account portal.

✓  They have a selection of innovative products to help you maximise your solar/battery systems.

4. Ownership & Service

Diamond Energy are majority Australian owned with a customer support team based in Victoria.

✓  They have a selection of innovative products to help you maximise your solar/battery systems.

* 56% refers to whole community emissions (residential and commercial and industrial combined), Northern Beaches Council Kinesis Report 2018.

** Abnormal charges may apply if your property is located outside of metropolitan areas or for additional work items such as switchboard upgrading / rewiring, asbestos removal or controlled load meter amalgamation.