Next Steps

Your Community Organisation: Take the next step…

Make the switch from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy! Not sure where to start? We’ve made it simple for you.

Over the next 7 years, we all have six steps to take to improve our climate, health and wallets:

  • Step 2  Replace gas heating with electric split system air conditioning.
    (we recommend these local installers).

  • Step 5  Replace your petrol/diesel vehicle with an electric vehicle. Compensate for your current vehicle emissions as you transition (Go Neutral).

Every step you take gets us closer to our collective target of 70% reduced emissions on the Mornington Peninsula by 2030! The sooner we all act, the sooner we all make a difference!

Need Finance?

Need finance? Contact Corena Fund or NAB Foundation Community Grants

Tell us your Story!

We’d love to hear about the steps you’ve taken. 




New Peninsula Baptist Church, Mount Martha

New Peninsula Baptist Church in Mount Martha recently installed a 66.6kw solar PV system, made up of 148 x 450w panels combined with 2 x 27kw inverters. They were motivated to install the system to cut ongoing operating costs and to reduce their carbon emissions.

The expected savings from the system are in the range of $17k per annum, and already in the first 6 months they have seen $10k of savings.